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"When read-alouds are understood as powerful tools for teaching literary elements, building analytical ability, and addressing the standards, they can bring both joy and accelerated learning into the lives of our students." —Linda Hoyt

Interactive Read-Alouds
Grades K–1

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Interactive Read-Alouds
Grades 2–3

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Interactive Read-Alouds
Grades 4–5

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Interactive Read-Alouds
Grades 6–7

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Read-aloud time is much treasured in elementary and middle school classrooms as teachers share their favorite children's classics with their young readers. Linda Hoyt's Interactive Read-Alouds will help you make the most of this time by showing you creative ways to use popular children's literature to teach specific standards and build fluency and comprehension. Combining guided conversations with reflective thinking, Linda's read-aloud lessons engage children in strategic listening, speaking, reading and writing about text.

This slide presentation describes the thinking, organization, and features in the Interactive Read-Alouds series. Select "Full Screen" in the "View" menu and advance pages using the arrows on your keyboard.


Read-aloud lessons are designed around popular children's classics common to classroom and school libraries. For a full listing of these titles click here.

Read-aloud lessons are grouped into six standards-based strands: comprehension, story elements, vocabulary/literary language, literary elements and devices, genre, and writing traits. For more information click here.

The components at each level include:
  • The Interactive Read-Alouds book of lessons contains over 60 standards-based lessons designed around children's classics with Share the Reading texts and Readers Theater scripts for each lesson.
  • The Interactive Read-Alouds Teacher's Guide outlines the thinking behind Interative Read-Alouds and describes how to apply the strategies in your own classroom.
  • The Interactive Read-Alouds CD-ROM provides all of the shared text and Readers Theater scripts in an easily accessible PDF format.